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Default Re: Curves more attractive, men say (article)

The article that Karsten linked may be the most accurate account of the nature of male attraction toward women that has ever been printed in a mainstream newspaper.

In all the world, there is likely no myth that more glaringly contradicts actuality than the fiction that men are attracted to the hyper-toned, radioactively tanned, scrawny-framed models who populate the world's runways and magazines, from fashion weeks to Victoria's Secret shows. The very obvious fact that these models are selected by the people who run the female-oriented divisions of the media (i.e., women, and men-who-are-not-attracted-to-women), and not by heterosexual men, attests to this.

There is also no area in which that chimera fabricated by feminism--the so-called "patriarchy"--is more patently nonexistent than in this field. The idea that a "patriarchy" is supposedly responsible for an anti-feminine ideal that heterosexual men despise is beyond illogical, given that it is heterosexual men who supposedly comprise this mythical "patriarchy."

And the idea that men create this androgynous standard to "keep women down" is ludicrous. When it comes to bare physical attraction, men are not interested in women's power or political status, pro or con. (To assert that they are is a textbook case of projection.) Men are simply interested in beauty, and emaciated androgyny is not beautiful.

The truth--and this is a truth so counter-intuitive to those who have internalized modern "progressive" beliefs that they simply ignore it--is that it is the increased media power that women and non-heterosexual men wield that has enacted the imposition of the androgynous ideal. These groups have enshrined a standard of appearance that they, not heterosexual men, favour. If there actually were a patriarchy dominated by heterosexual men which had any cultural influence, the icons of ideal female appearance would sooner resemble Lillian Russell than Kate Moss. After all, in Lillian's day--a day when heterosexual man actually did wield power over the production of visual culture--Lillian was universally acknowledged as the supreme object of men's desire.

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Perhaps the most revealing observation in the article that Karsten linked is the comment that

Originally Posted by Karsten
men don't want women who are tediously "in control" around food. Rather, men desire women who can lose control around food and really indulge with pleasure.

Despite media lies, despite fashion-industry falsehoods, real men find women with a robust appetite and the voluptuous, feminine curves that go with it to be the epitome of beauty and desire.

This is pure truth.

It is the freedom, the liberation, the ability to surrender to pleasure, to revel in it, to let it overwhelm all other considerations, which a fuller figure betokens about a goddess, that makes plus-size beauty the manner of appearance in women that men desire most. And not just for the obvious associations with intimacy. Rather, it speaks of a passion for life, an openness to overwhelming intensity of feeling, an ability to experience ecstasy, to reach epiphany, that makes the full-figured goddess the paragon of female loveliness.

Today, more than ever, we live in a world of stifling regulations. We endure circumscribed existences of crushing constraint. Full-figured femininity embodies a transcendence of any such limitations, a yearning for more, an insatiable hunger for the endless and the infinite. It is Beauty itself.

Latter-day Aphrodite Sophie Sheppard (Bella Models; Milk Management). Limitless beauty.

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