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Default Re: Debunking the ''weight epidemic'' myth

Originally Posted by ZoŽ Josephine
On top of everything, Mrs. Obama often speaks out against bullying, but right now she is the biggest bully of them all.

The only reason the war on ob***** is even an issue is because of the diet industry. It is in their best interest to keep the public ashamed and afraid of their bodies. And it seems everyone is helping the diet industry promote this attitude: TV, movies, magazines, adverts, and the government. It is tragic, really.

Very well said, ZoŽ.

It is a truism that efforts which advertise themselves being as "anti-" anything usually end up enacting the very activity that they denounce, except inflicting it upon the opposite side. Thus, "anti-bullying" campaigns often end up enacting terrible bullying of their own, except to the individuals accused of perpetrating past bullying. "Anti-discrimination" results in amazingly discriminatory practices of its own. "Anti-sexism" leads to today's situation of boys being left behind by the educational system. And so froth.

While this site avoids political discussions per se, except as they impact on size celebration, this is a tell-tale case of grim, statist intervention. But what's worse is that it is intervention on the wrong side. If anything the state--the government--should be protecting the public from the abuses of diet-profiteers, not conspiring with these parasitical corporations. It should be siding with the people, not against them.

A noble king would not permit such abuses, but in a democracy, money is power.

Still, the fact that these campaigns are targeting children and young girls, the most vulnerable members of society, is truly unconscionable. We live in a time when everyone has been conditioned to rush to the aid of perceived "victim groups." Well, here, for once, is a vulnerable group--full-figured girls--that actually is being victimized. And who speaks for them? Who campaigns on their behalf? One Colorado journalist? That's it?

Shame on the diet industry for enacting this misery--but we have long known that it is a predatory enterprise, top to bottom, and an indefensible blight on society.

Shame on the media for shilling for these weight-loss profiteers.

Shame on the government for (according to the most charitable interpretation) being the dupes of the diet industry, or less charitably (but more likely) being in its pay.

And closer to home, shame on anyone who sits idly by and allows this abuse of full-figured girls to take place and does nothing about it.

Childhood and youth should be a halcyon period of fun and frolic, a "golden age" (as the Romantics would deem it), not a time of stigmatization that leads to self-hatred and begins a cycle of food deprivation that self-denial to which women will sentence themselves for the remainder of their lives.

Let's all of us do everything in our power, at every level (locally and in the wider world), to stop this abuse of young girls, to end this statist oppression, to allow them to enjoy their childhood, to blossom happily into young women, enjoying a comfortable relationship with food, free to eat whatever they like, happily allowing nature to shape their figures into a lusciously curvy form, knowing that they are beautiful and radiant just the way they are.

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