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Default Re: Size celebration vs. the fashion establishment

Shelley's criticisms of Evans are fortunately now moot, because, to its great credit, Evans has significantly improved its casting policies since the time that this article was published. As celebrated on this forum, the Evans winter catalogue features gorgeous plus-size models Kailee O'Sullivan and Justine Legault, both of whom are younger and fuller-figured than many of Evans's past choices. The company has taken a significant turn towards size celebration, for which we applaud it most enthusiastically.

But what a marvellous Guardian article Meredith posted. The way in which Tanya Gold dismantles every single excuse and evasion offered by the thin-supremacist designers is priceless. It is also highly instructive. As with the Guardian symposium on fashion-industry abuses from earlier this year, everyone should take note of the logic by which Ms. Gold systematically demolishes the fashion establishment's equivocations, and keep these rebuttals in mind whenever anyone else tries to defend the promotion of anorexia with such flimsy sophistry.

Everyone should take Ms. Gold's example to heart and never let any anti-plus assumptions pass by without a rejoinder--not the valorization of the word "skinny," nor the use of "health" as a code word for figure diminishment, nor the contention that clothing looks better on skeletal frames, nothing. One should challenge every such claim because they are all false, all founded on nothing but an irrational bias against curves. Nothing else.

As Meredith observes about the designers' litany of justifications,

Originally Posted by Meredith
When one excuse gets demolished, they shift to another, then another, even when their excuses contradict one another. They themselves don't even believe anything they say. They're just spewing out well-rehearsed, rehashed lines that others have adopted. They're working backwards from "We just want anorexic models because we want them," and trotting out any talking points at random to rationalize this.

Ultimately, then, important as winning the war of rhetoric may be, the bottom line is that size celebration will never triumph unless it can persuade the public with images rather than words. Only the increased visibility of plus-size models looking gorgeous and genuinely full-figured will undo pro-anorexic fashion-industry brainwashing, because such thin-supremacist indoctrination was achieved through visual means in the first place.

The rich fleshiness of golden girl Hayley B. (Bella Models, size 16), in a masterpiece of gentle sensuality.

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- Hayley B. Gallery

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