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Default Re: Being full-figured is good for health (study)

What a rich discussion. Every link is worth following, every comment worth reading.

Little wonder that a thread gathering together studies which demonstrate that being full-figured is salutary, just as self-imposed starvation is unhealthy, should prove to be so fruitful.

Studies such as these are rigorously suppressed and ignored by the mainstream media, but every year, more evidence emerges which confirms the traditional wisdom that a look of physical opulence and radiant fleshiness in women indicates good health. Countless terms signify both plus-size and salubrious ("hale," "hearty," "robust," and so forth), testifying to the traditional recognition that being well-fed betokens well-being. This association is so obvious that one can hardly comprehend how the alien elements which hijacked the modern media in the 20th century and turned it into a propaganda vehicle for diet-starvation and exercise-torture were ever able to convince the world of the absurd notion that an emaciated, wizened appearance represented "health," while a look of fleshy abundance does not.

How particularly encouraging to encounter studies that shatter the ridiculous myth that there is "good" fullness and "bad" fullness. Rather, as these studies show, all feminine fullness is healthy, including a generous waist, just as all feminine fullness is beautiful.

Shelley's observation is uniquely interesting:

Originally Posted by Shelley
Instead of spending time reading prayers, the modern woman reads food charts; instead of spending time in church, she spends time in a gym. It's the same kind of pointless self-abnegation, and a particularly empty exercise, because at least the self-abnegation of the past involved something purportedly higher than oneself, something spiritual, or at least imaginative; but now, it's merely a closed circle of self-loathing with no greater goal than altering one's physical appearance (and for the worse at that).

How true that the morality of guilt laid the foundation for the aesthetics of guilt. Both are predicated on a valorization of denial and minimalism, and a suspicion or outright condemnation of unbridled indulgence and maximalism.

This is yet another reason why plus-size models are so culturally seditious, not just in presenting society with a different aesthetic, but in glamorouzing the ideas and sensations that the full-figured female body betokens. Plus-size models shatter repressive morality just as they shatter repressive aesthetics. The personae that they create appear alluringly spoiled, seductively selfish, excitingly greedy, sensually indolent. In revealing how attractive and desirable such supposedly "negative" qualities can be, plus-size models enact a thoroughgoing revaluation of values and pave the way for a restoration of master morality in place of the aberration of slave morality.

For timeless beauty to be restored to its rightful place as the dominant ideal of female attractiveness, and for a cultural renewal to ensue, just such a turn in thinking must be accomplished. And through their subversive gorgeousness, plus-size models are setting this revaluation of values in motion.

The rich, intoxicating, heavy sensuality of Katherine Roll (MSA Models) amid the teeming fecundity of the natural world. A model and an environment exhibiting the vigorous, full bloom of well-nourished abundance.

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- Katherine's succulent beauty . . .

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