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Default Re: ''Fashion’s ultimate insult to women'' (androgynous models)

Originally Posted by Emily
This may be the most brutally honest and truthful look yet at today's oppression of women by the degenerate ilk who run the fashion industry. And the writer isn't afraid to name the oppressor. is absolute madness to take designers at their word and allow ourselves to become convinced that they are sincere when they assert that women are "only hangers for their designs." Fashion is art, and art is about desire, sensation, creation, and sensuality. Art is impulse driven.

The problem here is that gay designers are driven by the wrong impulses. Their primary desire is to satiate their own appetite by recreating their sexual desires in the bodies of their female models. Gay designers have transformed the fashion industry into their own little autoerotic and self-sustaining play pen, creating a vampire effect which sucks the self-esteem right out of women.

The article that Meredith posted is powerful as well, but Emily's link may be the rawest, most uncomprimosing exposé of the problems in the fashion industry ever penned. It reveals a rottenness at the very core of fashion and reveals why this industry is such a toxic enterprise. To her credit, the author does not, in fact, simply refer to "fashion" or "the industry" in the general way that most writers do (ourselves included), which lets individual culprits off the hook. Rather, she precisely pinpoints the group that blights this industry and warps it into a toxic shape.

Do the writer's words seem extreme? Hardly. She merely has the courage to say what needs to be said. How significant and intractable is the problem that she identifies? How deep does it go, and what are its ramifications? Consider the appalling words of one Cecil Beaton, who was "one of the most celebrated style luminaries of the 20th century." How did Beaton, a homosexual photographer, view Elizabeth Taylor, who was one of the most gorgeous actresses of the 20th century, and who was as close to full-figured as Hollywood would ever permit? He termed her

a great thick revolting mass of femininity.

Just think about the pathology behind such a statement. Consider the kind of twisted mind that finds "femininity" a "revolting" quality, and sees in Taylor's luscious, succulent, womanly curves merely a "thick mass" that is likewise "revolting."

For anyone to have such a diseased aesthetic would be bad enough--but consider: this person was a "style luminary," a guiding light of the industry, and entirely representative of the types of individuals who are the arbiters of taste and have hegemonic control over the fashion world.

Thus, the body image of women around the globe is in the control of a tiny pocket of abnormal individuals who femininity "revolting" and see in voluptuous, gorgeous curves nothing but a "thick mass."

Is it any wonder that the fashion industry ruins women's self-esteem and creates a toxic visual culture, given that it is under the control of individuals such as this? And remember: this degenerate view of femininity is hardwired into their brains. It's how they are born to see the womanly body. No wonder they seek to starve it out of existence. No wonder they put in its place walking cadavers whose gaunt, emaciated appearance truly is "revolting" to anyone viewing such diseased frames with healthy, normal eyes.

Whether by government intervention, or by another means (though no other means seems capable of achieving any change in this poisonous industry), the fashion world must be reformed. Hateful individuals with degenerate aesthetics can no longer be allowed to dictate the terms of feminine beauty, given that they find femininity itself so abhorrent.

And even if the size-0 empire cannot be made to change, at the very least, the plus-size industry can be the essential alternative to the toxic fashion establishment, a world apart, guided by individuals who see, in a well-fed womanly body, a "great, thick, gorgeous figure of femininity," who are hardwired to adore the sumptuous contours of full-bodied women, and who will thus create an alternative visual culture that will raise the self-esteem of curvy goddesses and enable them to see the stunning beauty that they possess.

Sophie Sheppard dazzling the world in her thrilling Vogue Italia video, the soft roundness of her facial features epitomizing timeless feminine beauty.

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- Sophie Sheppard in Vogue Italia

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