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Default Re: Weight gain benefits health (article)

Originally Posted by Meredith
Not only does the article point out the health hazards of being underweight, but -- and this is truly encouraging to see -- it advises women to gain weight for the sake of their health, and even tells them how to do it.

To discover an article that doesn't just decry self-imposed starvation but actively encourages women to indulge and to blossom into a fuller size is extremely encouraging.

The fact that weight gain turns out to be demonstrably advantageous to health should surprise no one--or at least, no one who isn't brainwashed by pro-anorexia propaganda. After all, evolution would not have developed in women their passionate craving for food if it weren't a benefit to well being.

Natural selection inevitably screens out harmful human tendencies and develops positive reinforcements for beneficial behaviours. (In this way, for example, romantic feelings are pleasurable because they propagate the species. Those individuals who felt such ardour most strongly, throughout history, created the most offspring and passed on this inclination.)

Likewise, the anguish that ensues from food deprivation clearly signals the deleterious consequences of this behaviour on women's health. By contrast, the relish and gratification that women experience when they freely indulge themselves betokens the beneficial effects of this practice.

Indeed, even the essentially feminine love of pleasure, and women's voluptuous, sensual tendencies as a whole, have evolved to their current intensity owing to how acutely these sensations benefit the species.

Nature invites women to be fuller-figured for the benefit of their health and well-being, and has given them pleasurable sensations to accompany the act of indulgence, to reinforce this behaviour. Thus, when women eat what they like and as much as they like, they are simply following constructive evolutionary tendencies. When they starve themselves, on the other hand, they ruin their health, and the body punishes them as a result.

The article that Meredith posted itemizes the many reasons why women should listen to their bodies and allow nature to shape their figures into the curvaceous forms it intends. Nevertheless, the very best reason for women to avoid starvation and eat what they like remains the most apparent one: to become more beautiful.

Lindsey Garbelman, size 18, looking luscious and healthy modelling Monif C. swimwear on Fox News:

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