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Default Re: Curves aid fertility; thinness an impediment

There is so much sadness in this thread that is breaks the heart. But it relays important information that everyone should apprehend.

The idea that any parents could put their own daughters on diets, depriving them of the food that their growing bodies require, is monstrous and unnatural. The most basic responsibility of motherhood is to nourish their young, something that they should do gladly and with joy. In Old World cultures, wives and mothers are happiest when they provide bountiful food for their families, the tables groaning with provender. But modern society has severed this traditional impulse of motherhood, brainwashing women into hating their naturally full-figured appearance, resenting their innately generous appetites, and sentencing themselves to a starvation regimen. For women to abuse themselves this way is bad enough, but to pass on such a self-destructive body hatred to their own daughters is sheer cruelty. It is like passing on a genetic disorder. Mothers should protect their daughters from the curve-o-phobic pressures of modern society, not betray their young to the agenda of diet corporations.

But to learn that when women willingly malnourish themselves (simply to conform to the fashion industry's emaciated standard), they starve their own embryos, thus harming their future offspring in the womb, when they are most helpless and vulnerable, represents a new degree of horror.

Who knows what damage this wilful starvation does to the embryos? Who knows what the consequences of such needless malnourishment might be? Does it diminish brain capacity? Does it hobble the future physical condition of the body? In starving herself to conform to the media's toxic standards, a woman might well be endangering her children's lives, even while they're still in the womb, putting her offspring at physical or mental risk, potentially burdening them with lifelong physiological disadvantages.

The most savage irony in this is that the rationalization that parents who inflict body-shame on their daughters commonly use to justify their pitiless actions is that they are trying to "improve their lives," because being plus-size is supposedly burthensome. (How absurd, even malicious.) But consider, according to such a rationale, how much worse the consequences of malnourishing the embryos in the womb might be, for the long-term health and well-being of a woman's offspring. She could first, while pregnant, be circumscribing her daughter's future mental capacities or physical condition, and then, once she is born, inflict psychological punishment on her daughter by stigmatizing her about her weight.

It is a long, tragic litany of horror, and it all begins with a woman's inability to appreciate the beauty of the fuller female figure. And such warped thinking is a direct consequence of the toxic visual culture that the fashion industry and the mass media are allowed to inflict on society.

With such a grim array of consequences, there is no way that any organ of the media should be allowed to valorize a look of cadaverous emaciation, an inhuman standard that literally ruins the lives of women of every age, from generation to generation.

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In the article that Shelley linked, the young girl's fate is truly pitiable, a misfortune compounded by the fact that she being brought up in an environment that is inimical to begin with. As Shelley points out:

Originally Posted by Shelley
Not only is she deprived of the food that she obviously craves (clearly she's already being starved by her "parents"), but she is even being stigmatized for drinking orange juice. And the fact that she is being brought up by two men with a hardwired antipathy to the female form lends the situation a particular horror, because we all know how such men treat the adolescent fashion models whom they employ -- forcing these young girls to starve away any trace of femininity. The prospect of having this pair subjecting this young girl, ostensibly their daughter, to such starvation, even when she is merely a child, is grotesque.

Such considerations of essential aesthetic attitudes should be taken into account at the adoption stage. Just think: the girl might have grown up in a normal environment with a caring mother and father, who raised her self-esteem instead of undermining it, who allowed her to eat whatever she liked and thus develop a comfortable relationship with food, instead of saddling her with an eating disorder in the making.

A common thread linking the most gorgeous and popular plus-size models (Sophie Sheppard, Kelsey Olson, Katherine Roll, etc.) is that they all grew up in traditional, loving, supportive family environments, with parents who taught them to adore their curves and never expressed negativity about their full-figured appearance.

Hopefully, the images that these goddesses create can help foster a world in which all girls and young women grow up in similarly favourable circumstances, with mothers who have realized that plus-size beauty is true beauty, and who pass along this body love to their daughters.

Gorgeous plus-size model Katherine Roll (size 18) epitomizing curve-adoration, for Pink Shoppe:

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- More of Katherine . . .

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