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Default Re: Interview with Sophie Sheppard

I second what Meredith stated. To hear Sophie affirm that plus-size models should actually be full-figured is extremely encouraging. Her words have an extra credibility because she herself is visibly curvy, as the description states:

When Sophie finally did emerge, there was no mistaking the size-18 stunner. Outfitted in a form-fitting dress that lovingly embraced her every curve, she was, unmistakably, a plus-size model, in a far more visibly luscious way than any of the other girls in the show.

I was also relieved to hear that Sophie's agent will not be pressuring her into diminishing herself. This is always a problem in the fashion industry, both at the straight-size and plus-size levels, but it's even more appalling in the plus-size sector, where models should be applauded for being visibly full-figured and encouraged to remain so. Thank goodness at least one agent will be allowing a gorgeous model to retain her curvy figure and not pressuring her into a lesser, faux-plus size:

I asked the Milk Management owner, with some dread, if she would ever encourage Sophie to diminish herself. To my amazement and delight, Anna stated that she would not, affirming that she considered Sophie to be gorgeous and one of a kind.

By the way, one of Sophie's statements is as perfect and concise a definition of both the identity and purpose of a plus-size model as I've ever read anywhere:

“Put together,” Sophie eagerly interjected. “That’s what a plus-size model should be: beauty and curves put together.”

Yes! It's such a simple formula, but few clients or agencies understand this point. It's not enough for a plus-size model to be beautiful, if she isn't visibly curvy, and it's not enough for her to be curvy if she isn't aesthetically spectacular. Only when both points are met can plus-size models subvert the media paradigm that falsely equates beauty with emaciation.

Sophie not only understands this, she embodies it.
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