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Default Re: Interview with Sophie Sheppard

I found myself completely in adoration of Sophie by the end of this interview. Her looks are stunning, of course, but she's a joy to read about. It sounds like it would be wonderful to join her for a cup of tea. She's clearly very personable.

And she did bring out the most ravishing descriptions. I love the initial presentation of Sophie as reminding the interviewer of a flower in full bloom:

Even her seductive appearance in the Anna Scholz dress didnít prepare me for the sight of Sophie in her form-fitting, sleeveless Jill Alexander masterpiece. Jillís collection was billed as a tribute to Latin America, with outfits in a host of vibrant, natural colours, from lush greens to citrus yellows. But when Sophie emerged, she was outfitted in a bright, juicy red hue, which made her seem like the flower of the collection, the bloom amid the vegetation, as much a fragrant blossom as the other modelís looks constituted stems and leaves. The tropical flower that she wore in her blonde tresses added to this impression, and the way in which the dress embraced her figure, defining her succulent curves, created an overall presentation of luscious fecundity.

Then, I found the related later passage, which describes Sophie's perfume, to be even more beautiful:

As she was speaking, I caught a whiff of the loveliest scent imaginable. I had no idea what manner of fragrance it was, but never before had I inhaled any aroma quite so enchanting. It had a touch of citrus freshness about it, but it also carried a quality of mature, full-blown richness. The intoxicating redolence of her perfume associated the model with a floral blossom, or with the sweetest of fruits, just as her luscious appearance in the Jill Alexander collection had done.

Sophieís makeup was minimal, but she was wearing a rich, berry lip colour, mostly red but with an undercurrent of pink, like a ripe strawberry-raspberry mixture. The colour stood out vividly against her flawless, alabaster complexion. The perfume harmonized with the lip colour, further relating the model to the juiciest splendours of the natural world.

It was with difficulty that I refocussed on the questions that I had prepared, after imbibing such heady impressions.

It must have been a magical experience to enjoy Sophie's company after her stunning appearance at Curves in Couture.
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