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Default Re: Interview with Sophie Sheppard

At long last, it is a pleasure to release the second, concluding part of our interview with lovely plus-size model Sophie Sheppard.

Whereas the first portion of our write-up presented Sophie the model, covering various aspects of her professional career to date, this section introduces Sophie from a more personal perspective, discussing her interests, her plans for the future, her family, her friends, her school life, and how she really feels about her appearance.

Chocolate, as readers will find, figures as a central motif in this write-up.

The interview is also interrupted, in the most delightful way imaginable, with a surprise appearance by a famous British designer.

In its conclusion, it takes a completely unexpected turn, and ends in an unforgettable manner that careens like a roller coaster from a dizzying high to an abysmal low and then back again.

Without further ado, here it is: the surprising second part of our interview with the stunning Sophie Sheppard.

Modelling Anna Scholz at Curves in Couture:

- Click here to read part 2

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