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Default Re: Interview with Sophie Sheppard

The second part of the interview is absolutely wonderful! For many readers, I'm sure that Sophie's expressions of open, unapologetic love of food will be an absolute delight:

Actually, I really enjoy food, and I enjoy being able to travel with my job and being able to travel for six months. I really enjoyed trying different cuisines and… Yeah, I do. I love food. I cook when I’m home, me and my housemates cook. And I love Japanese food. There’s a lot of that in Australia, so I love that.”

The most decadent statements about the model's love of self-indulgence are, of course, her enthusiastic affirmations of her love of chocolate. The fact that this led to a gift for her agency in the form of a "massive coffer filled to the brim with chocolate treats of every description" gave the interview a wonderful symmetry. Sophie's pro-chocolate commentary comes with an audio clip, and she puts a great comic spin on it:

People who say, ‘My favourite food is lettuce,’ are lying. Are lying!” she repeated for emphasis. “I know they’re lying. But who doesn’t like chocolate? Every girl loves chocolate, and if you would be stranded on an island with one thing, you would take chocolate. Obviously I don’t eat chocolate for every meal, but I do love chocolate.”

Altogether, I especially loved the audio excerpts, which made the interview come alive and gave a real sense of Sophie's witty, endearing personality. She's a treasure.
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