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Default Re: Interview with Sophie Sheppard

I finally had the chance to read the second part of the interview today in full, and enjoyed it immensely. And what a wonderful surprise to see a guest appearance by designer Anna Scholz!

The most important passages, I think, are the continued affirmations of the virtues of using genuinely full-figured models. Sophie herself makes a wonderful statement on this score:

"Beauty can be at any size. It really doesnt stop at a size 16."

And Anna Scholz confirms this, with her observation:

I know my customers respond really well to women who are properly curvy. They get really upset if I use girls who go too thin.

Also, it was a pleasure to read all of the wonderful things that Anna says about Sophie. She calls her "such a lovely lady" and makes many favourable references to her look and her disposition:

I had to ask the designer what she thought of Sophies appearance, in her dress, on the Curves in Couture runway.

I think she looked gorgeous and curvaceous and beautiful, as always, Ms. Scholz gauged. Shes a fantastic role model for us, definitely. . . And a sweet personality. That helps.
Im always trying to find somebody who actually carries their curves in such a beautiful way. . . And you know, she is such a nice person too, Ms. Scholz added. Its not only about the looks, but its the woman behind it.

I only wish that the interview had been videotaped, so that everyone could have seen Anna's enthusiastic physical embrace of Miss Sheppard when she raved about Sophie carrying her curves "in such a beautiful way," as described in the text.
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