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Default Re: Interview with Sophie Sheppard

Sophie is absolutely gorgeous, but what I found even more appealing about her are the qualities of classiness and dignity that the interviewer perceived:

As she was speaking, an impression that had been forming the whole night solidified in my mind. While Sophie was certainly a contemporary girl in every meaningful sense, her poise, her sense of class, her refinement, her accent—more English than Australian, at least to my ears—and perhaps even the fact that I was interviewing her in Britain, all presented her as an aristocratic young lady who had stepped out of the pages of a Jane Austen or Charlotte Brontë novel, updated for the present day. Her frame of reference was entirely contemporary, of course, but her dignity and polish evoked qualities of propriety and good breeding more associated with another time. If a literary heroine of eighteenth-century literature had stepped into the modern day and donned contemporary clothing, I could easily imagine her carrying herself in a manner identical to Sophie, with the same mixture of self-possession and femininity.

And later:

I also reflected, once more, on how Sophie resembled an elegant young lady of the 18th century, though transported to the modern age and acclimatized to our own time. In another era, she would have enjoyed minuets or waltzes, whereas in this day and age, she danced in a modern fashion. Yet even in this present-day context, she still preserved a level of elegance and sophistication and poise, avoiding the vulgar motions that commonly demean dance-club partying, simply moving her body to the rhythm in a sensual, languid manner.

All too often, these days, beauty -- especially feminine beauty -- is corrupted and poisoned by the vulgarity and even depravity of the degenerate modern world.

It's so refreshing to hear that Sophie has somehow managed to avoid all that and still presents herself as a lady, with manners and good breeding, even though she clearly enjoys having fun.
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