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Default Re: Katherine Roll at Coney Island

My favourite image from the shoot would be the same one that Renata selected, but I also absolutely adore this picture:

Originally Posted by HSG

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Most alluring of all, however, is the swell of round fullness at Katherine's waist. Models all too often constrict their midriffs, creating an unattractively caved-in silhouette, whereas the sight of a model's generous middle is the most irresistible physical detail imaginable.

It's so liberating to see a model comfortably exhibiting a curvy waist. Many full-figured girls are very timid about showing their midriffs, and needlessly so. By teasingly hinting at her full waist in images of the two-piece and the see-through sweater, then acknowledging it in this extremely sensual photograph, Katherine shows that plus-size girls should be proud of their soft, natural physiques.

I love Katherine's outfits, I adore the setting, and I admire her body confidence. These images represent everything that plus-size modelling should be, at its very best.
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