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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard in the Park

One of the many benefits of having gorgeous plus-size model Sophie Sheppard signed with the Ford+ agency is that new and larger versions of some of her finest test images have emerged.

In the first post in the current thread, we have replaced some of the previous, smaller editions of the pictures with larger versions. You may click through the post to view a number of the images at a larger size.

We recently shared one further photograph from Sophie's newest test in our post announcing Miss Sheppard's signing with Ford. And now, Ford has also released a new, never-before-seen item from this splendid photo shoot.

Click to enlarge

It shows the model in a vibrant citrus dress, and situated within a wild, woodland setting. The sunlight streams through her diaphanous wrap, giving her a heavenly radiance. Her heavily lidded gaze communicates languid sensuality. The wondrous mass of her blonde hair cascades around her face, with one stray tress brushing against her cheek.

Click to enlarge

The vibrant colours and the verdant background, which create the impression of Sophie as a succulent fruit or a floral blossom amid the greenery of the outdoor world, make this a gorgeous image indeed. Add to that the model's own Classical beauty, and the result is a vision of earthly delight.

(Click image to view larger.)

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