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Default Re: Jenn Purviance for Sealed with a Kiss

Photographer Michael Anthony Hermogeno, whose name will be known to everyone who reads this forum, has now released two truly stunning new images of Jenn Purviance from this campaign.

Jenn seems to become more beautiful with every shoot. This is one of my all-time favourite images of plus-size beauty. Jenn now distinguishes herself as having the most gorgeous arms of any plus-size model - so full and soft and fleshy. With her skin tone looking milky fair, this picture is incredibly sensual. I love her joyous expression. The purple dress and adorable blossom in her tresses is well complemented by the lush green background.

Larger: 175_n.jpg

This motion image is also lovely, and it too showcases Jenn's luscious, rounded arms. Her figure looks rich and curvy, with abundant voluptuousness, in this size-celebratory dress.

Larger: 1612882_n.jpg

Absolutely stunning images from an exciting plus-size model with a to-die-for body, shot by a top-notch photographer - one who really knows how to celebrate the feminine figure.
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