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Default Re: ''Reflections on Body Image'' report

The above report is good as far as it goes, but it doesn't emphasize the root of the problem as much as it should -- the root of the problem being the media.

To identify the media as the culprit has almost become a cliché, but it remains just as true.

Here's a fine article that identifies some of the nasty techniques the media uses to indoctrinate the public into the worship of androgynous cadavers.

A few excerpts:

Myth 1. Fashion models are naturally thin.

FACT: Fashion models are under incredible pressure to remain very thin, even emaciated. Models as young as 15 reveal being advised by their agents to remain underweight. Others tell of immunity problems brought on by malnutrition, excessive exercise, and dangerous habits so they won’t eat for up to five days.

And those are only the ones who are talking. ED is such a secretive disease that the majority of models suffering likely do so in silence.

Be careful when you hear anyone say models are “built that way”. Most of the time, they’re not.

Myth 2. Fashion advertising has to be “aspirational” in order to work.

FACT: Whenever anyone questions the big beauty brands about why they continue to publish images they know are making girls and women feel bad about themselves, they reply that it’s the only way to sell their products.

Except it isn’t.

Ben Barry recently published PhD research which shows that “aspirational” advertising is a myth. He found that women increase their purchase intentions when the model in the advertisement looks more like them.

Ultimately, every media excuse to justify its use of corpse-like models is just an evasion, a lie told in order to keep their empire of emaciation in place.

For the well-being of all women, it's time to put an end to the starvation standard.
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