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Default Cinematic Katherine Roll

Gorgeous plus-size model Katherine Roll (size 18, 45-38-49) recently shot a test with photographer Heather Hazzan (, whose also photographed Kailee O'Sullivan for The New York Times, and to the delight of Katherine's many fans, a preview picture has now surfaced online.

The image is a stunning display of Katherine's beauty, showing her fair tresses glowing in the sunlight, as if lit from within. She achieves the unique feat of appearing delicate and girlish, yet also robust and full-figured, merging the two qualities into an alluring presentation of essential femininity.

Click to enlarge

Even in black and white, the trees in the background open up perspective on the image, creating a feeling of space and drama. Her blouse appears soft and romantic, harmonizing with her look and demeanour. But above all, it is Katherine's compelling expression that makes the image a masterpiece, a look that communicates a thrilling undercurrent of desire, yet exudes formidable self-possession, synchronizing the regal bearing of a goddess with the hidden vulnerability of youth.

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Bravo to Katherine for such a stellar display of talent and beauty, and kudos to the photographer for capturing Miss Roll's beauty in such a compelling way. Fans eagerly await more images from the shoot.

(Click to view larger.)

- Katherine Roll

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