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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard in ''Perth Now''

Several further images from Sophie's Perth Now shoot have emerged, each more splendid than the last.

First, another vibrant take on the article's cover photo, with Sophie coquettishly playing with her tresses.

It's so amazing that it needs to be seen full size. I love how her tresses waft in the gentle breeze.

The rest comprise a series of captivating headshots. Serious,


and smiling:


The most stunning are the ones in which Sophie exudes carnal sensuality. Her slate-blue eyes have a hypnotic, almost unreal quality, as if they were glowing with a mesmerizing sheen.

Here's the most captivating photograph of all. Her facial features are so full, with such a well-fed appearance, that the heart races. This heavily lidded gaze absolutely smoulders. She may be an angel, but it's incredible how much dark voluptuousness she can emit with just a look.

Breathtaking beauty.
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