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Default Re: Katherine Roll at Coney Island

Yet one more image of Miss Roll from this popular series has emerged, showing her reposing on a rock, her tresses cascading down her back, like a latter-day Lorelei.

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The glimpse of the fair flesh of Katherine's shoulder is tantalizing, while the slate-coloured ocean, the dark rocks, and the sand provide a neutral background against which her golden hair and blue sweater stand out vividly, yet naturally. No mermaid drawn from the sea was ever as irresistible as Katherine. If the Tom Hanks character in the movie Splash were to catch of glimpse of Miss Roll, he would cast Darryl Hannah back into the sea and bestow all of his adoration upon this true vision of preternatural beauty.

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Breathtaking artistry from the industry's most gorgeous plus-size model.

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