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Default Re: ''Wrong Century''

"Wrong Century," the illustration that artist Tomas Kucerovsky kindly shared with The Judgment of Paris, has become something of an online sensation over the past few months, and as its fame has spread, many readers have asked if they could purchase prints of the panel.

Such an option has now become available.

"Wrong Century" can be obtained in four sizes, ranging from 8x10 inches to 22x27 inches, at the link provided below.

In addition to an art print, the site presenting the reproduction, Society 6, also offers a stretched-canvas version,

as well as a framed edition.

The source page, linked above, describes the quality of the material on which it is printed.

Many who have enjoyed this work will be pleased to have it for themselves in this permanent, gallery-style form--which is entirely fitting, given that the premise of the illustration is the sight of a patron viewing a work of art in a gallery. Thus, a print of "Wrong Century" will put Rubens's artwork within a frame inside an illustration panel, and now bordered by yet another frame.

We hope that Mr. Kucerovsky's illustration will continue to challenge viewers' perspectives and touch their hearts.

- Click to obtain "Wrong Century" prints

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