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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan: ''Smart Is Sexy''

Thank you, Hannah, for sharing this fantastic commercial!

How fitting that Kailee appears here, since she is a self-avowed "bookworm," as she mentioned in her Judgment of Paris gallery tour interview.. Though the premise and execution of the commercial are quite nice, Kailee's part is too brief, and would have been much more satisfying if the "transformation" bits were longer--a few more moments, at least, and more of a zoom-in on both the "before" and especially the "after" Kailee. I do like the fact that Kailee's segment included a helplessly astounded male admirer, though.

It is very difficult to make Kailee "unattractive," so perhaps that explains why they shot her "before" segment to be very brief and rather far away from her. It does show what a great actress Kailee is, because much of what makes her "before" image less appealing is in her body language and facial expression: she manages to appear hostile, impatient, and lackluster about her job and life. All the more contrast to her sex-kitten "after" persona. Kailee looks spectacular and so regal, with her alabaster complexion and bordering-on-haughty expression. Her outfit is actually pretty conservative, but her rich curves and voluminous, curled hairstyle make it look glamorous and oh-so-seductive. These moments of film footage effectively illustrate what a difference a woman's attitude about herself and style of clothing can change her appearance for the better (or worse).

Also, I'm a regular Kmart shopper and I have to say that I adore Sofie Vergara's clothing line there. So many curve-hugging, sexy pieces in gorgeous warm colors (red, yellow, orange).
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