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Default SWAK: Kelsey & Jenn in Malibu

Gorgeous plus-size models Kelsey Olson (size 16) and Jenn Purviance (size 16/18, 43-34-53) recently joined acclaimed photographer Michael Anthony Hermogeno for a shoot in Malibu to promote a new line of fashions from Sealed with a Kiss, and if the following behind-the-scenes video is any indication, this could well be the most stunning SWAK extravaganza to date.

Sealed with a Kiss has been responsible for many of the plus-size fashion industry's finest campaigns over the past several seasons, all of which have featured Kelsey and Jenn, both of whom are incomparably beautiful, especially as seen through Mr. Hermogeno's lens. But what makes the SWAK promotions even more captivating are the stunning locations in which they are shot.

For this production, the team found itself in a Malibu villa in the Spanish Colonial Revival style that distinguishes much of the finest architecture in Southern California.

The grounds feature a pool and an outdoor tented area worthy of a Roman emperor.

Inside, the home is scarcely less grand, boasting a dramatic winding staircase.

The making-of portion of the video begins in a delightful manner, showing Kelsey looking every bit the wide-eyed princess out of a Disney fairy tale.

Jenn is seen next, with her magnificent figure and long, raven tresses, standing alongside the shoot's makeup artist.

The first shoot footage presents Kelsey in a royal-blue dress, but cleverly frames her behind a pair of sculpted stallions--a visual echo of Miss Olson's previous SWAK look book, which famously showed her standing alongside a majestic white horse.

The camera then pulls in closer, as the model strikes a lyrical pose.

Jenn's first shoot footage is a marvellous study in personality, with the model adopting a splendidly vain, pouty look, her shapely arms filling her sleeves to capacity. As Jenn's figure has blossomed, so has her beauty and modelling talent, as reflected in her increasingly self-assured expressions, which augment her attractiveness still further.

Kelsey's look in the following still is heartbreakingly romantic, her gaze filled with dreamy longing, her hair seductively damp and heavy, the alluring "wet look" of a latter-day Lorelei.

The video includes two moments of superlative size celebration, and now we lead into the first. Although the belt in this outfit compresses Jenn's lovely waist a tad too much, observe how the dress daringly reveals the model's full, luscious legs--the most gorgeous legs of any model in the industry today--while also baring her sumptuous arms and shoulders.

Drawing nearer, the viewer's senses are dazzled by the sight of the model's soft flesh escaping the top of her dress, the dark fabric, midnight tresses, and succulent lip colour contrasting richly with the fair skin, making Jenn a very well-fed Snow White.

An even closer view provides a breathtaking glimpse of the opulent curve under the model's chin, the most desirable of all facial features, giving her the rich, spoiled look of a true goddess.

The next still finds Kelsey adopting a dramatic pose on the home's spiral staircase, her blue eyes piercing the viewer with icy intensity, yet her innately gentle features softening the effect, her parted lips disclosing a touch of vulnerability.

And now we come to the second moment in the video that epitomizes the pro-curvy aesthetic: the sight of Jenn's luscious arms, so sensually full and untoned, so gorgeously shaped by natural softness, bared by the body-conscious SWAK dress.

Jenn rivals Katherine Roll for the title of "most perfect figure of any plus-size model," and in this dress, it is easy to see why. In addition to showcasing her sumptuous arms, the outfit acknowledges her heavy voluptuousness and ample reverse-view curves. There is not a woman alive who doesn't wish that she possessed a figure as repletely feminine as this.

And as if that weren't sensuality enough for a single shoot, the next clip finds Kelsey languishing in a bath, seductively batting her fair eyelashes at the viewer, provocatively raising her thigh as the sunlight caresses her skin.

This sequence also shows us a glimpse of photographer Michael Anthony Hermogeno ( at work--the man who is understandably renowned for having the "best job in the world."

Another "crew" still finds the shoot's MUA/stylist putting a few finishing touches on Kelsey's look as the model sits indolently on a soft white sofa, while the window captures a hint of Jenn in reflection.

The video offers one more charming surprise--a captivating sequence showing Jenn swaying her soft body while lip-synching a popular dance song. In addition to marvelling at the sight of the model's full, fair flesh, note how smoothly and seductively she moves, confirming once again the oft-noted link between well-fed goddesses and a sensual affinity for dance.

Kelsey closes the video with an entertaining bit of humour. Princess that she is, she also retains the little-girl's delight in mischief and fun, making her a dream to work with on set.

Bravo to Kelsey and Jenn for embodying the feminine ideal of plus-size beauty in such a compelling manner, and kudos to Michael Anthony for capturing the soft loveliness of these enchantresses in so memorable a way.

And special thanks to Sealed with a Kiss, not only for selecting two of the most beautiful models in the world--genuinely full-figured goddesses who authentically represent the plus-size consumer--but also for shooting this campaign in a classical location that complements the opulent attractions of the models themselves.

Click below to watch the video:

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