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Default Re: Katherine Roll: The Ecstasy of Beauty

Originally Posted by HSG
Only in their fondest dreams could aficionados of timeless beauty have imagined a sight of such surpassing loveliness as this: the voluptuous Miss Roll languishing on white bedding, baring her sumptuous, 38-inch waist. Katherine redefines the parameters of size celebration in this supreme masterpiece by disclosing her softly rounded midriff, and in so doing, solidifies her claim to having the most desirable figure of any goddess, past or present.

...after the viewer admires all of these additional details, he cannot help but remain entranced by the supremely sensual view of the model's full, opulent middle.

I always look forward to Katherine's tests more than I do to anything else in the plus-size fashion industry, whether it be commercial campaigns or magazines or...anything. This whole test is stunning, but the above image is curviness personified.

I love the fact that Katherine is so bold (yet tasteful) in presenting her full-figured beauty. It serves as the finest inspiration to all plus-size girls that they too can adore themselves and recognize their own attractiveness, precisely because they are curvaceous, not despite this fact.

Many voluptuous girls are (unnecessarily) self-conscious about having a curvy middle, but as Katherine shows, a soft physique is the epitome of feminine beauty.
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