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Default Re: Kelsey Olson: Intimate Attitudes

Wow, I actually had been quite confused about the prevalence of the Intimate Attitudes images while shopping online for plus-size clothing--so thank you dearly for clearing that up.

I've purchased several Intimate Attitude items from the company Hips and Curves and I've always found myself more pleased with the little photo on the clothing tag than with the photo used to sell the item on the website. Don't get me wrong---Hips and Curves uses excellent photography and gorgeous models on their website. However, their models tend to be on the smaller side, and whoever is outfitting them is overfond of corsets! I feel they should limit the use of corsets for selling the actual corsets. Instead, corsets appear in virtually every image on the website, which gives the impression that the company thinks the only way that plus-size women can be sexy is if they have an artificially nipped waist.

The Intimate Attitude pictures I've seen on the clothing labels, in contrast, usually feature genuinely plus-size models who are not hiding or disguising their soft curves (though I do know that they sometimes use faux-plus models...I guess I've been lucky to get the nicer images).

And now Kelsey is modeling for them...! How wonderful! Now this is exactly how plus-size lingerie should be displayed!

I agree that the photos of the first outfit could be the most beautiful lingerie images ever taken! Kelsey looks truly heavenly. The candy sweetness of the dress harmonizes perfectly with Kelsey's tender beauty---her creamy complexion, her lovely doe-like eyes, her shimmery, golden hair. I also love the touch of opulence afforded by the twinkling hair ornaments, the intricate detailing on the bust, and the jeweled necklace.

Click to enlarge

It's hard to choose favorites, but I also quite like this one:

Originally Posted by HSG

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I love the bemused look of triumph in Kelsey's expression here, and how she's resting her arm so lazily on what looks like a column, as if she's viewing a whole army of lovesick admirers falling victim to her beauty and thinking "Well, this is going to be interesting..." I love how her tummy is teasingly displayed by the way of a thin veil---I think this makes her soft waist all the more alluring, even more so than if it was bare.

But yes, each photo here is a masterpiece. Kelsey imparts such glamor and class to every one. As you've described, she brings these images to a wholly different level by projecting such a variety of alluring personalities in each new photo---she plays regal, vulnerable, mischievous, and passionate equally well. But the constant throughout is the dizzying perfection of her face and figure. What a marvelous shoot!!
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