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Default Re: SWAK: Kelsey & Jenn in Malibu

Sealed with a Kiss has now released a number of further images from this campaign, all of which are well worth a look.

Here's that photograph of Kelsey in the hot tub, the shot that Michael Anthony was shown taking in the video. The picture is incendiary. Scorching hot.


If anything, though, some of the product images are even more exciting, especially these luscious images of Jenn. She appears so voluptuous and well-fed, with sensually dimpled flesh along her arms.

I can't express how much I adore SWAK for not photoshopping away Jenn's opulent beauty in these pictures, but allowing her alluring fullness to be truthfully evident!

In this image, it is the sight of the dimpled flesh along Jenn's soft, shapely legs that turns this into a size-positive masterwork.

Jenn's incredible figure is abundantly on display in these pictures too. She looks so decadently fleshy, so goddesslike.

Jenn's denim photos always cause a sensation, and it's easy to see why. The jeans define her womanly 53" hips and full thighs, while the boots have a generous cut to encompass her ample, shapely calves.

I adore the glimpse of the curve under the chin in the right-hand image for these SWAK items.

Kelsey's product photos are equally captivating. She appears soft and girlish in the photo on the left, while on the right, she appears bolder, more commanding, yet still so enchantingly delicate.

Love Michael Anthony's creative use of the mirror in these photos.

SWAK's latest e-mail ads have been wondrous. Kelsey's blue eyes seem almost ethereal in this photograph, shining with a heavenly blue light -- the prettiest eyes ever seen.

More images of Jenn looking delicious, with sensually dimpled flesh, in her elegant dresses.

Kelsey in angelic mode.

Our pair of goddesses.

The current Kelsey cover for Sealed with a Kiss shows more of the model's haunting beauty.


Some of the behind-the-scenes photos that have emerged have been phenomenal as well. Jenn looks even more seductive in this picture, while she's being made up for the shoot, than in any of the published photos.


Jenn getting dressed for the shoot.


And here's one the fans will love -- Jenn and a crew member enjoying a dip in the pool. Can't wait for the next time Sealed with a Kiss does a swimwear campaign!


Sealed with a Kiss = pure size celebration. Bravo!
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