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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Macy's fashion show

I did a bit of searching and turned up two Web logs about the show that Katherine headlined.

This report is marvellously informative.

The writer took a number of terrific photos of Katherine, particularly the following attractive shot of the model looking luscious in her red dress. I love the round swell of fullness that's visible at the waist.

The writer took more photos of Miss Roll than of any other model in the show. She captured this lovely close-up of Katherine's facial features, exhibiting the pretty curve under the chin.

The outfit is loose, but Katherine makes it look like a million dollars.

She also looks terrific in this sporty number.

Another member of the audience also put up a report of her own about the show.

She too highlighted Katherine in her stunning red dress,

as well as in her casual outfit.

Best of all, the first writer took a top-notch amateur video of part of the show. Miss Roll emerges in ultra-hot red at 1:25, and the host himself even refers to her as "the gorgeous Katherine." With good reason! Watch how alluringly and professionally she moves on the runway, turning several times to exhibit her figure in that fitted dress from every angle.

The host adds that, "If you are a slightly bigger girl, you can wear colour. Don't be afraid of colour. I can't say it enough. It is your friend. She looks absolutely gorgeous," and later adds, "You look so sexy." So true! Bravo, Katherine.
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