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Default Re: Katherine Roll: Macy's fashion show

No question that Katherine is the plus-size industry's most priceless treasure.

She has also done Macy's shows with Clinton Kelly. This Web log offers a write-up of one of the shows, from Providence, RI.

The blogger actually got a snapshot of Katherine being made up before the shoot. I adore this photo.

Katherine looks like an angel in this picture, so gorgeous, with her wavy golden tresses spilling down her back, her facial features so full and replete, and with such a delicious, self-satisfied expression on her face. How can anyone be this pretty?


The blogger was so impressed by Katherine's beauty that she took the time to record her name:

We still had some time so we wandered down to the Estee Lauder cosmetics area where Macy's Fall Fashion Runway Model Katherine was getting prepped for the show.

Katherine is a professional plus size model and it's wonderful to see that Macy's fashion events always represent women of ALL sizes and shapes in their fashion events.

Her post also features several images from the fashion show, with Katherine showing up more often in the photos than any other model. Here she is in green.

In a casual outfit.

An eye-catching blue ensemble, which defines her round, lovely middle.

Now, this is the most stunning picture of all. It showcases Katherine's full legs, her luscious figure, and most attractive of all, the visible curve under her chin.

I simply must post the picture at a larger size, because it's so perfectly pro-curvy.

Katherine is a blessing from heaven, with the most desirable figure of any model working today, and she's just as much a goddess on the runway as in her still photos.
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