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Default Kelsey & Jenn: SWAK's Christmas Gifts

Sealed with a Kiss has done it again. For the holiday season, it has unleashed an exciting new promotion featuring Kelsey Olson and Jenn Purviance.

The site's current cover page teases SWAK's new line of little black dresses for big, curvy bodies.

As this promo shows, though, some of those black dresses come in vibrant colours as well.

SWAK posted several behind-the-scenes pictures from the shoot as an appetizer. I love how Jenn consciously shows off her full, gorgeous legs.

Kelsey's middle appears attractively rounded in this photo.

Another pair shot suggests the womanly fullness of Jenn's hips.

The next photo offers a great comparison. First, this behind-the-scenes snapshot showing Jenn in one pose,

then Michael Anthony's professional photo of Jenn in the same dress, but with a different pose. The fabric stretches taut, as if barely encompassing the model's luscious 53" hips.

The reverse-view photo is even more size-positive, showing how the opulent curves of a plus-size goddess can make every dress ultra-sexy.

Kelsey is given a terrific profile shot in this same dress, which suggests sensual curves along her back.

An image of Jenn in SWAK's "Joy Hi Lo Dress" offers another view of her sumptuous legs, so natural and attractively untoned.

Again, the reverse view is even more alluring, showing an oh-so-pretty curve at the model's chin.

Kelsey looking buxom in the royal purple version of this item.

This ultra-romantic hairstyle, giving Jenn such thick, heavy waves, is a perfect adornment to complement her sumptuous figure.

Kelsey wears this strapless item daringly low, intensifying its seductiveness.

Jenn has the perfect figure to model animal-print items, which suggest wild passions and rapacious appetites.

By contrast, Kelsey looks fresh and sweet and doll-like in this Shelby Empress Dress

A hint of the attractive curve at Jenn's chin, and another view of her plump, shapely legs. So gorgeous.

Jenn in a one-shoulder maxi dress. I love how utterly delighted with herself she looks. She knows that the curvier she becomes, the more gorgeous and popular she is.

Looking delectable in this scoop neckline, which shows off her buxom riches.

Another outstanding and pro-curvy photo shoot from the unbeatable Kelsey-Jenn-Michael team for Sealed with a Kiss.
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