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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard: Edit (Addition-Elle)

I've been fortunate enough to turn up two Web log entries about the Edit debut, one from a page called Friends In my Closet:


The other from a fashion site called Killer Kurves:

Both have a number of terrific photos of the event, especially the latter page.

Here's a view of what the venue looked like.

Sophie looking radiant alongside the other models:

I love how the daylight coming in from the side creates a soft, natural effect on Sophie's golden tresses.

This may be the most beautiful picture I've ever seen of Sophie's miraculous hair, cascading over her shoulders in such thick, heavy waves. Her figure looks fantastic as well, with her beautifully curvy waist.

Showing off that pastel-green jacket, and accentuating her alluring, womanly hips in fitted black pants. Very chic.

A relaxed Sophie:

Here's a host of further images of that white top/pink slacks number, with Sophie teasingly playing with her hair.

Clever colour coordination on the accessories too.

The outfit has an easy fit, but Sophie's luscious figure give it an alluring impact, filling it out and shaping it into ultra-feminine contours. No faux-plus model could have made this ensemble look so stunning.

She really is an angel -- the perfect model to show off this (or any) collection.

Kudos to Addition-Elle for featuring Sophie in this eye-catching presentation. I hope she'll be modelling for AE in the future.
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