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Default Sophie Sheppard at Nordstrom

Of all plus-size marques, large and small, there is no question that the one with the finest casting policy this season is Nordstrom.

The company's current array of models reads like a who's who of Judgment of Paris favourites. First, Kailee O'Sullivan showed up at Nordstrom. Then the lovely Justine Legault made her appearance. Then Kelsey Olson made a triumphant Nordstrom debut, fulfilling a wish that was expressed in her Judgment of Paris interview.

But now Nordstrom has topped itself by booking perhaps the most gorgeous plus-size model in the industry today: the luscious Sophie Sheppard.

At the moment, Sophie appears in a single outfit, but fans earnestly hope that her images will soon appear throughout the Nordstrom site.

The wonders of featuring fashions on a true plus-size model are immediately apparent. The dress lovingly embraces Sophie's seductive, 41" waist, creating a sensual impression of fullness at her middle. The sheer sleeves hint at the secret fleshiness of her soft, sumptuous arms. The V neckline displays a coy hint of decolletage, while the model's buxom voluptuousness is acknowledged.

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A larger view shows the exquisite roundness of the model's babylike facial features. She exhibits an alluringly fed look, her fair complexion invigorated by a hint of flush at the cheeks. The eyes, deep blue and dreamy, play off against her golden hair and those kissable, candy-pink lips. No trace of a clavicle mars her neckline, submerged as it is in sensual embonpoint. Those fair tresses drape lazily, heavily over her shoulders, testifying to the model's languid indolence. Her gaze exudes calm self-satisfaction, the overall impression being one of intoxicating beauty.

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A reverse view is equally spellbinding, showing the attractive design of this Pisarro Nights Beaded Mesh Gown, with its "understated shimmer."

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As much as the dress is elegant, it is also irresistibly seductive on Sophie's generous figure, particularly in how it accentuates her shapely reverse-view curves. On a lesser model, the garment would hang empty and deflated, but Sophie's curves shape it into a desirable, womanly form.

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The closest view offers another enchanting display of Sophie's immaculate, fair complexion, as well as the sensual creases of flesh at her soft neck. Observe, even in profile, Sophie's noble, aristocratic gaze.

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Nordstrom has never booked a more gorgeous model than the stunning Sophie Sheppard. We eagerly look forward to more examples of her work for this client.

And be sure to browse through the product pages to find many images of Kelsey, Kailee, and Justine, each of their images lovelier than the last.

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