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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard for BeMe (Australia)

I am always very happy to see fashion layouts featuring Sophie Sheppard! Ms. Sheppard makes me proud to be plus size. There are so many beautiful full figured models here in the Judgment of Paris, all with their own unique charms. Sophie however, in my opinion is one of the most beautiful. She completely embodies the timeless beauty that this site celebrates. She looks stunning, just totally beautiful in all the clothing she models; her fullness is evident and she emits an air of total class and elegance. Even as she is displaying these characteristics, there is a sweetness, and an accessibility that add to her charm.
If the occasion calls for it, her images can be sultry. For the most part however, a Sophie Sheppard pictorial will radiate soft, true, feminine beauty that draws the viewer in. The Judgment of Paris is blessed to have Sophie Sheppard as an ambassador of timeless beauty.
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