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Default Model dies of anorexia - at 19

Here it is again: a recent example of a recurrent tragedy in the modelling world - a young girl (only 19 years old) dies of anorexia.

What is especially tragic is that this model was working - and yet still was brainwashed into thinking that she needed to starve herself.

At 19, with several teen magazine cover shoots behind her and the prospect of a lucrative modelling career ahead, she appeared to have the world at her feet.

But while to others she seemed a confident and beautiful young woman, Bethaney Wallace was facing a crippling struggle with eating disorders which saw her weight plunge to under 7st – and which finally claimed her life.

Doctors believe that, over the three years since she developed anorexia and bulimia, her condition had weakened her heart and it gave out as she slept.

Yesterday, her father Clive, 47, said: 'She lost her self-esteem.

'She would say she was f** but she was so beautiful – she didn't realise how beautiful she was.

'I tried to warn her that her organs would fail but she just said: “Don't be silly”.

A spokesman for the eating disorder charity Beat said: 'Our hearts go out to Bethaney's family.

'Eating disorders take a huge toll on the body over a period of time.'

The last point is especially significant. The diet-starvation and exercise-torture industries push the falsehood that body-diminishment is "healthy," but in fact, the opposite is true. Weight loss takes a severe toll on the body - whereas studies have shown that being curvier actually benefits health and allows women to live longer.

It's criminal propaganda that brainwashes women into ruining their own health for a physical standard that is unnatural (and against which the body naturally and rightly rebels). And the entire media is promoting this lie - with, as we see, tragic consequences.
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