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Default Georgina Burke: Torrid

It's been quite a while since material from Torrid appeared on this site, but I think the current cover-page graphic eminently qualifies.

It shows Georgina Burke of Jag Models in an incredibly pro-curvy image. To be sure, it has her exhibiting her voluptuousness, given that it's an ad for intimate apparel. But what makes it so size-positive is that she is openly flaunting her full waist. Now, Georgina doesn't have nearly as lusciously proportioned a middle as do some models, but nevertheless, she is clearly not inhibiting her lovely waist in any way, but boldly showcasing it, letting her untamed tummy but comfortably displayed. There is some substance, some soft, feminine roundness at her midriff. The result is pure size celebration.

I can't even imagine the good that it would do for women's self-image if more advertisements showed models with visibly full waists securely exhibiting them, in this manner. And more thrilling yet, can you imagine the beauty of an image in which a goddess such as Sophie Sheppard or Kelsey Olson, with their 39" waists, would pose in a goddesslike manner such as this?

Georgina has an adorable, doll's face, and while she would be even more subversively beautiful if she were fuller-figured, it's wonderful to see that she can create a pro-curvy ad like this.
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