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Default Jenn Purviance: Natural Beauty

A few weeks ago, we posed the question as to whether or not Jenn Purviance (43-34-53) was the most subversively gorgeous plus-size model in the industry today.

A pair of new test images of the size-18 stunner attest to the fact that, yes, she may very well be.

Shot to perfection by Brianna Noelle Photography (, the first of the two pictures shows Jenn looking irresistibly cuddly in a vibrant yellow sweater that lovingly embraces her luscious, well-fed body. The model's natural contapposto stance accentuates the alluring curve of her womanly 53" hips, even as the sweater discloses her voluptuous richness. All meagre faux-plus models fade to nothingness in the presence of an opulently proportioned goddess such as this. The model's ravishing complexion, with a pretty flush at the cheeks (the robust look that a goddess only acquires as she indulges herself freely), along with the citrus hue of the sweater, accentuate the idea that she is veritably bursting with health and vitality. Not too how much the setting adds to the appeal of the photograph, the outdoor environment complementing the models' fresh beauty and its muted palette providing an idea backdrop for the tangy hue of her outfit.

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A closer view shows the effortless, natural glamour that Jenn possesses. Observe the overwhelmingly sensual detail of the dimples at the model's knuckles, one of the prettiest of all characteristics that truly curvy beauties possess. But above all, it is the model's pose that makes this photograph such a masterpiece, the bewitching way in which she plunges her hands into her thick, heavy, brunette tresses (just as the viewer would long to do), as if in ecstasy over her own loveliness.

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A second image of Jenn is no less breathtaking, this one showing the model adopting a darker, more sinfully seductive look. The chocolate colour of her sweater subconsciously suggests the sweet indulgences to which the model must have surrendered to acquire so richly generous a figure. The black nail colour augments the impression of her desirable wickedness, as does the steamy sensuality of her gaze. Further raising the temperature of the photograph is the flirtatious manner in which she pulls down the neck of her sweater to expose a hint of bare flesh, into which she gently presses her fingertips. But most alluring of all is the discreet swell of fullness at the model's waist. The greenery in the background perfectly sets off the colour of the sweater, while allowing the model's fair skin to glow against its darker shadows.

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Coming in closer highlights the pulse-poundingly sensual detail of the creases of flesh at the model's neck. The photographer deserves limitless acclaim for not airbrushing out gorgeous, feminine details such as this. Also, observe the extraordinary loveliness of Jenn's facial features, which appear as round and full as ripe fruit, exhibiting high cheekbones softened by the sumptuous weight in her face.

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As a special treat, Jenn also posted a candid from this shoot, and in fact, in this picture her face appears most gorgeous of all, exhibiting that most delectable of facial features, a soft curve under the model's chin, as well as an overall look of richness and youth. Here too the model runs her fingers through her ample, weighty, brunette tresses, while the sweater clings tightly to her buxom curves.

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Absolutely gorgeous work by Jenn Purviance, as always, whose modelling talents are second to none, and who authentically becomes more beautiful with every new shoot.

And kudos to the photographer for her highly effective lighting, composition, and settings, and for avoiding any ugly filtering effects but instead shooting the model in stunning natural light and preserving true colours. This test is a tour de force of plus-size beauty, and fans eagerly hope to see more from the session.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Brianna Noelle Photography

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