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Default Re: Model dies of anorexia - at 19

It recently came to me that the fashion industry has managed to weasel its way through several federal regulations. For example, OSHA is known to impose fines for anything that remotely could be a safety hazard in most industries. How has the fashion industry requiring models to starve themselves to death not gotten OSHA's attention? Also, these un-human skeletons that the fashion industry calls "models" showing up on TV screens and wherever else has to be in violation of some indecency or obscenity law.

I was recently looking online for a winter coat, and I came across two custom clothing companies run by (what appears to be) a husband-and-wife team of Lianna K. and A.J. Machete. Reading the about us section, specifically the part that Lianna worked for "10 years in the fashion industry designing for Liz Claiborne and other brands," made me wonder how much of designer clothing is just putting a label on something and inflating the price, and if these big name designers actually do any of the designing. After a bit of Google research, it seems as though intellectual property laws, such as copyright laws, do not apply to the fashion industry.
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