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Default Re: Model dies of anorexia - at 19

A Link in one of the articles posted above reveal even more alarming facts about the fashion industry, featuring insight from Katia Elizarova.

Young women in the modeling world are often lured into poor situations, she explains.

"This is not a nice part of our job. If you're a model and your agency hasn't paid you in months, you don't have anything to eat - and then someone comes over and says, 'We're doing free dinners in the club, come and bring your girlfriends,' of course you go," she said. "Then you have 20 men perving at you, but you're so hungry you don't care."

How are the agencies getting away with not paying their models?

In these situations, she explains, girls as young as 16 or 17 are drinking alcohol or being slipped drugs by older men.

This is highly illegal everywhere in the US, and most likely in most of the world.

She spoke about an American model who felt it was normal to faint a lot -- often daily -- because of hunger, of a casual lunch in 2004 in which an agent told her that her clients were eating tissues as they made them feel less hungry

I am no doctor, but I am certain fainting regularly and eating tissues is not good for health.

The most disturbing thing that Clements told the Guardian, though, was the story of the "fit model." A top Australian model was discussing her roommate, who she would rarely see because she was in the hospital hooked up to an IV most of the time. Her roommate was a "fit model" -- used in top designer workrooms as the body around which the clothes are created. Is this the "ideal body type" for the garments, someone who needs to be hooked up to a drip because she's so thin?

The article does mention that in "June, the New York State Senate passed a motion to protect models under 18 in the state of New York". While this may at first seem like a first step improving the fashion industry from the sickness it has become, further insight on the bill reveals that it is very poorly thought out and severely flawed in its execution, with easy work-arounds and too lenient consequences to be effective.
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