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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard: Autograph Video

Autograph has now released a second video of Sophie Sheppard which, if anything, is even more gorgeous than the first.

It too is shot in a beautiful outdoor location, except this time, the fashions on offer are special, day-at-the-races outfits, which are extremely pretty.

And guess what? Sophie speaks in the video!

First, it shows Sophie being made up for the shoot. Watch for a captivating close-up at 0:16, showing a touch of fullness in her lovely facial features.

Her blue eyes absolutely sparkle in the first outfit, from 0:25 onwards. I adore her smile, and the way her hair cascades over her shoulders.

Listen to her speak at 0:45. Prettiest voice of any plus-size model, such a posh accent -- a touch Australian, a touch King's English. It's such a pleasure to hear her say, "I feel really gorgeous." She is.

But then, at 0:56, she's shown in a flowy dress that's sleeveless, and you get to see her luscious, full arms. The shot at 1:11 will make you melt.

And her final looks is just as pretty.

Phenomenal video from what has now become one of the world's top plus-size labels, with its continued featuring of Sophie in its promotions.
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