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Default Re: Jenn Purviance: Natural Beauty

One further image of the incredibly luscious Jenn Purviance from her shoot with Brianna Noelle Photography has emerged, and if anything, it is even more steamily seductive than the previous two.

Jenn curves her well-fed figure into a sinful S-shape, undulating her soft from so languidly that the viewer can almost perceive movement even in this still image. Her chocolate tresses flow lazily over her shoulders in a weighty mass. Excitingly, the model plunges both of her hands into that thick hair, sensually running her fingers through it, gazing at the viewer with a gaze so smouldering that it threatens to ignite the film in the photographer's camera. Her body fills her sweater to capacity, even as the bright yellow hue of the material stands out vividly against the warm, dark wooden backdrop, which also sets off her light complexion.

Click to enlarge

A closer view proves the image to be even more alluring than one already perceived. Jenn's features exhibit an intoxicating fullness. The picture exhibits a gorgeous curve under the model's chin, along with seductive, natural creases at her neck--an irresistible testament to the model's fleshiness. Her parted lips impart a suggestion of the models' appetitiveness. Her hair flows every which way, as uncontrollable and enticing as the model's own passions.

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Jenn Purviance indisputably possesses the most gorgeous physique of any plus-size model working today (rivalled only be Sophie Sheppard). Her every test shoot is a resounding affirmation of the superior beauty of fuller-figured goddesses over their underweight rivals. Fans continue to eagerly look forward to her every new image.

(Click photos to view larger.)

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