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Default Re: Jenn Purviance: Natural Beauty

Further confirming her reputation for having the most gorgeous figure of any plus-size model working today, Jenn Purviance recently released another image from her extraordinary shoot with Brianna Noelle Photography, and in it, incredibly, she manages to look more luscious and desirable than ever before.

Has there ever before been a photograph that communicates so vividly the joy and beauty of feminine self-indulgence? Even Jenn's facial features appear lovelier than ever, with a richer fullness in her visage which makes her appear younger--as youthful as a junior plus-size model--and utterly adorable. Her eyes glint with self-satisfaction, while the way in which she plunges her hand into her thick, heavy tresses suggests uninhibited vanity, an almost ecstatic pleasure in her own beauty. Those tresses are wild and untamed, conveying a sense of freedom and abandon, as does Jenn's opulent appearance.

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And of course, her figure is nothing short of a miracle. The yellow sweater suggests the lavish contours of the well-fed body beneath, hinting at her tantalizing curves. But most seductive of all, her fitted tights lovingly define the ample fullness of her luscious thighs, so sumptuously abundant, so generously proportioned, irresistibly alluring.

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One cannot imagine how any other image, short of a sleeveless shot, could ever display timeless feminine beauty as gloriously as this. Between her lush physique, her doll-like facial features, and above all, her intoxicating self-adoration, Jenn is the perfect plus-size model, as much the ideal brunette as Sophie Sheppard is the ideal blonde, and one cannot imagine any goddess ever rivalling Jenn's appearance in this image for the title of "most perfectly proportioned full-figured model in the world."

We eagerly look forward to more campaigns from this supremely curvaceous talent.

(Click images to view larger.)

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