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Default Re: Georgina Burke: Flatt Magazine

Ladies and gentlemen, here it is.

Straight from the pages of Flatt Magazine comes an image of plus-size model Georgina Burke that is so unimaginably gorgeous, the heart stops upon viewing it.

What can we say about this visual marvel that we didn't say before? Has there ever been a sight so sensual, so beautiful, as this display of the luscious curves at Georgina's waist? The photograph celebrates the model's feminine pulchritude with all of the infatuation of Rubens himself, bathing Georgina's soft body in chiaroscuro light precisely to highlight the swelling rondeur of her middle. This photograph is a visual ode to feminine softness, to the intoxicating, undulating form into which nature shapes the female body when a goddess indulges herself as she is meant to do.

Georgina's expression is, miraculously, every bit as alluring as her sumptuously untoned physique. She languishes in this photograph, allowing herself to exhibit such exciting vanity, so much wanton greed, as to disclose the appetitive tendencies that have endowed her with these flawless, generous proportions.

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The hairstyle couldn't be more seductive, with her thick, golden hair draping over her body in an unconstrained, languid manner, as if echoing the model's own lassitude, her sensual laziness--qualities that intensify her beauty manifold. She seems to live for pleasure and adoration, thrillingly unveiling her rich contours precisely to enshare the viewer's heart and soul, knowing that her well-fed opulence, her affluence of flesh, makes her surpassingly desirable.

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The photograph is truly a work of art, the contemporary equal of any painting of the Renaissance or Baroque, and demonstrates how true plus-size goddesses can recapture the ideal beauty of the female form in ways that no androgynous, underweight rivals could ever dream.

If Miss Burke were ever to blossom into a fuller size, she would be one of the most subversively compelling plus-size models in the industry. Even as it is, she has created a photograph for the ages.

We look forward to her future successes, and encourage other full-figured models to celebrate their curves in this manner, so that all plus-size women might learn to treasure their natural beauty.

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- Georgina Burke at Jag Models

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