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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard: Autograph Video

Several more Autograph covers have emerged since this thread was last updated, all of which deserve to be featured here.

A Christmas-themed image appears on the current Autograph cover, as well as the one from the week before, in two versions, the one a mirror of the other. The sleeveless top shows off Sophie's soft, shapely arms.

With her golden hair, Sophie looks especially pretty in blue.

I adore this image in particular because it acknowledges the fullness in her face and hints at an adorable curve under her chin.

Red brings out the passionate side of Sophie's character, and her pose is appropriately dramatic.

But this is surely the most size-positive cover of the current group, and one can just make out the luscious fullness of Sophie's arms, noting even the gorgeous trace of dimpled flesh on her limbs.

The current jewellery cover is more ethereal and mysterious, showing the model as a ghostly beauty.

The Autograph site is worth a daily visit, and has been for a while now, all in the hopes of seeing more lovely photographs of the stunning Miss Sheppard.
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