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Default Sophie Sheppard: A New York Story

Fans of gorgeous plus-size model Sophie Sheppard (Wilhelmina NY, size 16/18, 38dd-39-49) will be ecstatic to see the results of a recent test that she shot with photographer Michelle Alexandra (, who will be known to readers of this forum from an exceptionally pro-curvy video that she filmed of Kelsey Olson a few seasons ago.

Naturally, every image from this shoot is a masterpiece--as is, frankly, every photograph that Sophie creates--but the most eye-catching of all is likely the first picture posted below, which appears as the cover image of the fashion portion of the photographer's own Web site.

Yes, it is a headshot, but when a model is as beautiful and genuinely full-figured as is Miss Sheppard, her headshots surpass in sensuality any image of a less richly proportioned model even in a state of undress.

The heart races as one observes how breathtakingly full her facial features appear, so opulent and rounded, very much a fed look, in the way that Lillian Russell's visage was once praised. Her complexion is immaculately fair, yet not pale but rich with a hint of a natural flush--every bit the radiance that a goddess acquires when she indulges herself freely. Her skin seeming glows with its own angelic light, as if she were lit from within. Her neck is full and shapely, her teeming flesh smoothly flowing into a heady expanse of bare skin, unbroken by any hit of an unsightly collarbone. But perhaps the most seductive trait of all is the sight of the dimples at the model's knuckles and her rounded fingers, so soft and ladylike. Only the most luxuriously ample of goddesses acquire this captivating trait--dimpled knuckles--the allure of which surely gave birth to the ancient tradition whereby gentlemen would kiss a lady's hand. For who could resist kissing a hand as delicately plump as this? And of course, Sophie's expression adds to the fascination, with the model adopting a steamy-eyed, provocative gaze, the exciting appetitiveness in her character clearly evident, even as she presents herself with regal elegance.

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One might think that such a breathtaking image could have no possible follow-up, but ah, Miss Sheppard's talent consistently surpasses any limits that one might set on it. If anything, the next photograph (an Instagram preview of a shot from the test) is even more size-celebratory. The viewer veritably gasps for air when he first lays eyes on this photograph, due to the mesmerizing sight of Sophie's unimaginably gorgeous arms, so soft and full, naturally rounded--without a hint of muscle tone, just the luxurious flesh that a goddess acquires as she permits herself the pleasures that she deserves. The alabaster whiteness of her skin makes her limbs even lovelier, their dazzling flesh as smooth as the marble of a classical sculpture. Sophie's graceful pose subtly accentuates the contours of her arms, so generously proportioned as to tantalizingly stretch the fabric of her top.

Sophie's portfolio at Okay Models (her German agency) features the final version of the above image, which highlights chic details such as her alluring eyelashes and the Egyptian touch in the eye makeup. Sophie's gaze is romantically contemplative, an inward-looking expression that makes the viewer wonder what gentle thoughts could be occupying her mind. Her hair cascades in golden abundance over her shoulder.

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A second Instagram preview from the shoot finds Sophie in a similar pose, once again accentuating her seductive arms. Nothing is more thrillingly subversive than when a plus-size goddess recognizes that it is precisely those aspects of her lovely physique which appear most visibly full-figured that are her most irresistible traits, and showcases them accordingly--as Sophie does here. In this case, however, she turns up the temperature even further with a languishing look such as only she can generate, her sensual indolence and the banked-down fire smouldering in her blue eyes making her even more desirable.

Truly, this shoot is a veritable cornucopia of riches, every picture more stunning than the last. This dramatic headshot shows Sophie's legendary tresses--the most beautiful locks that any goddess has ever possessed--cascading all over her shoulders and buxom curves, thick and heavy, glowing with a golden lustre in the late-afternoon light. The model's expression is provocative and arrestingly vain, clearly conscious of her increased beauty, and exuding every trace of glamour to enslave the viewer's soul. And yes, her loveliness--always unparalleled--has increased, for never before has Sophie appeared so majestically voluptuous, seductively buxom in a way that leaves every viewer defenseless before her beauty.

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As one comes in closer to admire Sophie in greater proximity (for who could resist doing so?) one observes additional sensual details, such as the luscious creases of flesh at her neck--such an attractive, natural trait, commendably not airbrushed away but allowed to be seen as a testament to the model's natural beauty. The way in which impudent wisps of hair stray around her golden mane suggests a touch of the model's own wildness, the hint of danger that energizes her look, for all that she appears to be as fair as an angel come to earth.

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But as a showcase of the glamour of the model's golden hair, nothing can match the next image, which shows her tresses fluttering in the wind, shining with a heavenly light, veritably dancing every which way, as if to celebrate the model's own uninhibited nature. There is a careless freedom about the hair, as if her consciousness of her allure permits her to dispense with any elaborate coiffures and allow her locks tumble all around her without restraint, thick and loose, lazy and indolent and free, knowing that with just a toss of her hair, she could make a besotted admirer of every man who took but one look at her.

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A second full-length of Miss Sheppard in this outfit is even more size celebratory. In keeping with the famous adage that full-figured goddesses have curves in places that their underweight rivals don't even have places, Sophie's stance accentuates her acclaimed reverse-view contours--the most gorgeous hinder curves of any plus-size model--over which her outfit glides to define a rounded, generous shape. In this image, Sophie appears majestic, regal, with an opulent substantiality that her images do not always acknowledge.

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Fittingly, her hair now drapes weightily, cascading heavily down her back, as if laden with gold. The profile view also catches a silhouette of her buxom voluptuousness, while her expression is arresting, engaging without being aggressive, supremely self-assured, clearly conscious that her ample contours establish her as a peerless plus-size beauty.

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A lifestyle photograph of Sophie emerging from a subway station offers little in the way of size celebration but does exhibit the porcelain fairness of her complexion, her deep blue eyes, fair tresses, and hungry red lips.

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Several behind-the-scenes images from the shoot have also appeared on Instagram, including this snapshot of the making of the above photograph. One never fails to marvel at how Sophie manages to shut out the outside world when shooting (for just look at all of the distractions in this busy cityscape) and switch effortlessly into goddess mode, as if there were nothing in the world but the camera and herself. Her professionalism is matchless.

A composite image shows the creative team at the bottom left, Sophie becoming beautified up top, another subway-station photograph to the bottom right, and, most intriguingly, a glimpse of Sophie in a look that has not yet been seen, showing her in a casual white top that lovingly embraces her soft, full, rounded middle, showing off the gorgeous proportions of her well-fed body. Fans earnestly hope that prints of the images of Sophie in this look might yet see the light of day.

And finally, we see a dramatic, modest-model pose struck by Sophie in the right-hand portion of this split-screen image, and on the left, a captivating accumulation of thumbnails of further images from the shoot. Every single one of these tiny pictures appears staggeringly beautiful, leading fans to dream that the photographer might simply publish them all, because Sophie appears flawless in every one.

Bravo to Sophie Sheppard for another outstanding test shoot, and kudos to photographer Michelle Alexandra for capturing Sophie's beauty in such a captivating manner.

If more plus-size models had Sophie's luscious curves and teeming abundance of figure, the androgynous standard that dominates the fashion world would be displaced overnight. As it is, by her very existence, Miss Sheppard is doing as much as any lone goddess possibly can to restore the timeless ideal of full-figured feminine beauty.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Sophie Sheppard Gallery

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