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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard: A New York Story

Sophie Sheppard rocks!! I did notice that her figure appears richer, as if she is more of a size 18 within the 16/18 spectrum...good for her! Sophie is doing what she is meant to do; she looks so beautiful in all the clothing she models. I especially like the way she looks in the black pants/fringe black sweater combination, just amazing. She has a way of looking so classy, so sophisticated, so elegant. Yet she also has such panache, such swag! Sophie Sheppard makes you want to go and buy the clothes she models, she makes you feel like you need to step out in the world as a plus-size woman, and be the best you can be. She is so inspiring, making me feel that there is a beautiful, voluptuous Sophie Sheppard within myself, and all full figured beauties.
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