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Default VIDEOS: Kelsey for Sydney's Closet

Kelsey Olson appears in the new Sydney's Closet prom campaign for 2014, and a wonderful behind-the-scenes video of the shoot has emerged:

It shows Kelsey (as well as Lindsey and, at the end, Yanderis) looking absolutely wonderful, dancing and posing in the new Sydney's Closet prom gowns.

I love how much movement there is in the video. At one point, Kelsey hikes up her skirt in a truly daring manner. A tad risqué!

A second Sydney's Closet video is also worth a look, this one showing how to take one's measurements, with Kesley as the model.

Unfortunately, as the tape wraps around Kelsey's soft figure, the numbers are on the other side, so we don't get to see Kelsey's measurements.

Nevertheless, it's a fine instructional video, and Kelsey looks luscious and soft and angelic in it.
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