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Default VIDEO: Kelsey for Christmas, at SWAK

Sealed with a Kiss has now released its Christmas 2013 lookbook, featuring Kelsey looking absolutely stunning in all of the company's latest fashions:

The real excitement of the campaign, however, comes in the form of the label's accompanying behind-the-scenes video, which features Kelsey looking especially lovely.

I especially love the shot of Kelsey's huge blue eyes at 0:19 -- the prettiest eyes of any plus-size model; Disney eyes, to be sure.

She also looks gorgeous reposing on the sofa in the shots shortly thereafter.

A view of the model at 0:40 finds her looking very buxom -- eye-catchingly so -- and at 0:53, she exhibits a sensual curve under the chin.

Really, this is one of the prettiest studio videos I've ever seen from Kelsey or SWAK. It definitely puts one in the Christmas mood. So beautiful!
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