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Default Sophie Sheppard: Autograph 2014

Australian plus-size label Autograph Fashion has waded into 2014 with a spectacular campaign that showcases Perth native Sophie Sheppard (38dd-39-49, size 16/18)--indisputably the world's most beautiful full-figured model--at her stunning best.

In fact, seemingly impossibly, Miss Sheppard continues to become more gorgeous with every shoot, for evidence of which one needs look no further than to the breathtaking photographs that currently appear on the Autograph cover page. Sophie looks radiant in a top that bares her full, luscious arms, but goes easy on her generous waist. Her blonde hair cascades down her shoulders like the locks of an angel, while her expression radiates ease and contentment. The verdant setting behind her complements her fresh look in a harmonious presentation of natural beauty.

A second cover image also emphasizes the model's gentle demeanour, the pastel blue imparting a quality of innocence and youthfulness to her appearance, an almost angelic quality.

Looking closer, one appreciates the extreme sensuality of Sophie's appearance. Just a tiny hint of decolletage in this outfit makes for a far more alluring effect than any exhibitionism would, by an underweight, faux-plus model. One perceives the soft fullness of the model's physique as it shapes her attire into a womanly form. Her blue eyes outdo even her top in azure loveliness.

The Facebook presence of Autograph Fashion merits a visit every bit as much as does the label's Web site, for right at the top of the page one finds a banner with another captivating image of Sophie. Miss Sheppard's facial features, unmatched in beauty by any model in the world today, take on a special comeliness when she smiles so warmly, as the exquisite roundness of her face comes into view. Her golden tresses flow in thick, heavy waves over her shoulders. Note too an intensely seductive detail on the hand that so coyly touches her necklace: a trace of dimples at the model's knuckles (among the most alluring characteristics that a well-fed goddess can possess).

The Facebook page also adds two large promotional photographs of Sophie that take one's breath away. First, this captivating summery outfit showing Miss Sheppard in a crochet top and denim shorts that bare her soft, white legs:

Click to enlarge

What makes the image so heart-racingly sensual is that Sophie's luscious, 39" waist is not compressed, but swells against the soft fabric, creating an impression of the most desirable feminine pulchritude. She stands at her effortless ease, completely confident in her well-fed beauty, knowing that her generously indulged physique epitomizes true, timeless beauty.

Click to enlarge

The second Facebook promotional image, is, if anything, even lovelier, with Sophie glowing in effulgent radiance as if she were lit from within. Her golden tresses tumble down her body, while the crochet top offers tantalizing glimpses of the fleshy figure beneath the fabric.

Click to enlarge

Do look closer--for how can you not?--to see the glorious roundness of the model's angelic face, as well as her sky-blue eyes. She absolutely beams with satisfaction, delighted in being able to indulge herself freely and in so doing to set the standard of plus-size beauty for all to admire and by which to be inspired.

Click to enlarge

Bravo to Autograph Fashion for this stunning summer campaign (which will come as a welcome fantasy of warmth to everyone in North America chilled by the polar vortex), for selecting as the label's face and figure the most gorgeous and genuinely full-figured model in the world today, and for dressing and shooting her opulent beauty in such a dazzling manner.

- Autograph Fashion

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