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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard: Autograph 2014

Autograph Fashion continues to astound with its eye-catching cover images of the lovely Sophie Sheppard.

The latest cover photograph is the most gorgeous picture that it has yet produced of Sophie, the most beautiful model working today. It bares her luscious arms in all of their soft, full glory.

The images weaves a spell upon the viewer, showing the model so utterly at ease with herself, delighting in the display of her sumptuous fullness--and in particular, those round, white limbs, their generous form clearly shaped by comfortable self-indulgence and free of any trace of unattractive "tone." The top goes easy on the model's waist, but from the outline of her body, one perceives the unimaginable richness of her middle proportions.

Another cover image situates Sophie within a woodland grove--and make no mistake, the outdoor setting adds greatly to the appeal of this campaign, creating an impression of an idyllic landscape that provides the perfect complement to Sophie's natural, fecund beauty.

Here too the model's top suggests the opulent richness of her arms, surely the loveliest limbs exhibited by any model in the world. A gentle breeze catches her princess-like blonde tresses and teases them, allowing them to waft in the air in a romantic manner.

Another cover crops close an image that appeared in the first post in this thread, but when a photograph of a model is as captivating as this, little wonder that Autograph would wish it to do double duty.

Teasingly, a bar of text somewhat obscures the round, sensual shape of the model's middle (better viewed in the photograph posted earlier), but this allows one to drink in the beauty of other aspects of the model's look, such as her exquisitely round facial features and those masses of weighty blonde hair that drape down over her shoulders and person with such an intoxicating sensation of thickness and heaviness.

Little wonder too that Autograph employs the following photograph for a second cover image as well, as it rivals the first image in this post as the finest picture from this astounding campaign.

The model's soft, luscious arms and full, sumptuous shoulders testify to the unconstrained richness of her figure. She evokes the persona of a goddess who recognizes herself as the epitome of feminine loveliness and has freely rejected the starvation standards that the curve-o-phobic media seeks to impose on women. Instead, she glories in her well-fed physique, comfortably exhibiting it to demonstrate to the world the shape of true beauty.

Another cover shows a pair of images of Miss Sheppard, providing fore and hinder views of the model.

The reverse view is especially tantalizing, offering a hint of the model's proportions by the way in which the top indicates the swelling curves of her womanly, 49" hips.

The front image cloaks Sophie's figure in a black top, however her fitted pants hint at the shapely fullness of her thighs. The woodland setting once again creates an appealing natural backdrop, allowing the viewer to escape, with the model, into an Arcadian landscape, an ideal world in which classical femininity is as celebrated and worshipped as it should be.

And finally, another new cover image features Sophie in a crimson-printed top that contrasts richly with the lush, green setting.

The Autograph Facebook page also provides a full-length version of this photograph, allowing the viewer to be captivated by the manner in which the sunlight gilds the model's tresses, as if it too were in love with her. Observe the expanse of flesh below the models' neck, smooth and soft and unbroken by even a hint of an unattractive clavicle, instead replete and full, giving the model her irresistibly indulged look.

Click to enlarge

In her current, delicious form, Sophie Sheppard is more beautiful than at any time previously in her modelling career. The definitive plus-size model, she is the living embodiment of the timeless ideal of femininity, and one applauds both Sophie herself for so splendidly showing the world a preferable alternative to the inadequate minus-size and faux-plus standards, and Autograph Fashion for putting her loveliness on display in such an attractive manner.

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