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Default Re: Jenn Purviance: Natural Beauty

Fans of luscious plus-size model Jenn Purviance will be delighted to see yet another image emerge from her acclaimed shoot with Brianna Noelle, a very pretty headshot that takes full advantage of the natural location and of the model's magnificent tresses, which flow every which way over her shoulders in a wild profusion of chestnut beauty. (Be sure to click the image to view it at a larger size.)

Click to enlarge

Also of note is a new video that has appeared on YouTube, via the Curvy Bridal Show channel. We have no idea to what "show" the channel's title might pertain, but it features footage of Jenn looking absolutely mesmerizing as she discusses her forthcoming nuptials. Her stunning hair cascades around her face in romantic waves, while her gorgeous visage exhibits that most sensual of all facial features, a curve under the chin.

What makes this video so intriguing, besides its dramatic presentation of the opulent beauty of Jenn's facial features, is the alluring self-adoration that she voices. Consider this statement:

I'm a plus-size woman, but I'm confident. I want to show off my curves. I don't want to hide them or tuck them behind a big dress that's not going to show them off.

Those words follow Jenn's enthusiastic observation about the rich proportions of her hips.

Better still, note the model's awareness of her own status as an icon of beauty and how this informs her dress choice:

I don't want everyone else to look at me and think that my dress is mediocre. I'm a model. I've got to have the best dress to make this look just as good as modelling jobs that I've done, if not better . . . I just want it to be the hottest, best-fitting dress.

Jenn clearly recognizes that she is celebrated as a paragon of lovelienss and that, being such, she deserves to be apparelled in the finest of garments.

This is the justified vanity of a true goddess: the idea that she deserves the best, that her beauty positively requires her to present herself in the most captivating manner possible.

All plus-size models should see themselves this way, so that they can then impart this sense of their own aesthetic preeminence to other full-figured girls.
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