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Default Re: Kelsey's Wild Heart, at SWAK

SWAK has also released a behind-the-scenes video of the making of this shoot, featuring Kelsey in a number of captivating poses. The wind appears to have been fairly gusty on the day of the shoot, and as a result, Kelsey's fair tresses are blown every which way in the most beguiling manner imaginable. When she plunges her hand into her hair, the visual effect is mesmerizing. I love how languidly she moves.

The label has also released extra footage of Kelsey in the most gorgeous item in this collection: the white top and coral chiffon skirt. The belt is a bit too wide, but the outfit is fantastic, suggesting the gorgeous fullness at Kelsey's middle.

Also, this brief video spotlights the most attractive dress in this campaign, the very pretty white eyelet number (here shown in a turquoise hue). The view of the soft curves along Kelsey's back, when she turns, is highly attractive.

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